Penang International Halal Expo & Conference (PIHEC)

Penang International Halal Showcase & Conference (PIHEC) is Penang’s premier Halal event focusing on the ASEAN value chain, bringing together some of the most promising manufacturers and trade buyers from across the Southeast Asian region, as well as Halal ecosystem players worldwide. PIHEC is PHI’s platform serving mainly B2B and export-ready Halal entrepreneurs within Penang, to connect with counterparts in different states in Malaysia, as well as in ASEAN and the rest of the world.  

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PHI Global Leaders Program

PHI Global Leaders Program is a business leadership program targeted to nurturing a new generation of entrepreneurs especially in the Halal sector in various verticals such as logistics, FMCG, e-commerce, healthcare, tourism and many more. The idea of the PHI Global Leaders Program hinges on the principle of innovative entrepreneurship, to shape the next generation of business leaders who embody the ESG agenda, who embraces the latest in digital technology and who will be the new leaders to spur great innovations in the Halal ecosystem and upgrade its branding not just as a religious requirement, but equally important, as a global standard connoting excellence, ethical conduct, transparency, and cleanliness embraced by both Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

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Penang International Halal Food and Heritage Festival (PIH2F)

Penang International Halal Food and Heritage Festival (PIH2F) is a food and heritage festival to showcase some of the most promising Halal B2B players in Penang, in other states of Malaysia and the ASEAN region. The Festival is an introductory stage to give an opportunity to budding Halal F&B players to promote their products to the wider market. Once they are successful, PHI helps them to scale by giving them suitable training, guidance and targeted funding in order to bring them to a bigger stage which is the Penang International Halal Expo & Conference (PIHEC).  

The Festival combines food and heritage to take advantage of the enhanced value of heritage on food products. The tagline “Where Taste meets Tradition” focuses on utilising generational recipes, deep-rooted cultural practices to enhance the value of Halal F&B products. The Festival uses the concept of Halal to showcase a high standard of cleanliness and transparency in food in line with ESG, and Heritage as a means to bring the highest value to culinary and communal tradition. The Festival brings you a mélange of topical discussions on Halal and Heritage, cooking demos, a wide variety of traditional foods from different countries and networking sessions for potential kitchen crossovers.

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Halal Penang Channel

The Halal Penang channel on social media is established to promote the culture of Halal food in Penang and to help map all the Halal certified restaurants and eateries in Penang. Halal Penang consists of food vlogs containing food reviews, star rankings, and average budget of meals. This helps facilitate tourists looking for Halal food in Penang, and also helps to promote Halal restaurants and eateries to a wider market.

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Business Dialogue Series

PHI’s Business Dialogue Series is a program to enrich the Halal sector with high-quality conversations on Halal market trends, global megatrends that affects the business world, cutting-edge technologies, best governance and financial management practices and many more. The idea behind the Business Dialogue Series is to serve as a reference point for Halal industry practitioners to learn new ideas and practices that can help grow their business, and enhance the quality of the Halal industry as a whole.

By having conversations with key opinion leaders, captains of industry, policymakers, futurists, technologists, budding entrepreneurs and business mavericks, we provide a wealth of wisdom in one place.

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