Digitalisation of the Halal Sector

Digitalisation of the Halal Sector - forweb 23

The global Halal industry is worth USD2.8 trillion today and is set to expand to USD5 trillion by 2030.

Digitalisation of the Halal Sector - Halal Hub for data and dialogue

This steady growth comes with volumes of data, best practices and innovative ideas. PHI aims to capture some of these critical data and conversations on best practices, latest trends and innovative ideas in the form of research pieces and conversations.

Towards that end, PHI’s Business Dialogue Series is a business and tech-focused podcast series which focuses on the world of business and technology, hosting conversations with thought leaders, captains of industry, entrepreneurs, policymakers, futurists, technologists and academicians. This is to facilitate Halal sector players from embracing new ideas and trends to grow their businesses better, and enhance the overall framework of the industry in many years ahead.    

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