PHI Empowers the Halal Industry in Penang through the Halal Executive Professional Course


August 26, 2023 – In line with the call of the Prime Minister to further empower the halal industry in Malaysia, Penang Halal International (PHI), the state government agency for promoting the halal industry, has organized the inaugural Halal Executive Professional Course at the state level in Penang, in collaboration with Serunai Commerce Sdn Bhd. The course was attended by 15 participants who successfully completed the 6-day program and were recognized as Halal Executives.

Starting on August 21, 2023, all participants were exposed to tips and insights on managing current issues and challenges in the halal industry. The Chairman of PHI, Dato’ Hj. Abdul Halim Hussain, mentioned that this achievement is a source of pride for the state of Penang, through the initiatives driven by PHI and the Halal Management Division of the Penang Islamic Religious Affairs Department (JHEAIPP). As of the first six months (June 2023), there have been 1,606 successful halal certification applications, an almost 100% increase from 2022 in just the first 6 months of 2023. compared to the overall 1,729 applicants in 2022.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of PHI, Mr. Fazil Irwan Som, this course is a mandatory training for aspiring halal executives and marks the first time it has been organized by the state government agency of Penang. Various engaging programs related to the halal industry will be implemented in the near future.

For further inquiries about the promotions of Halal industry and initiatives in Penang led by the state government, PHI, please contact 04-262 5444 or email